The SMART Learning Suite

What is the SMART Learning Suite?

The SMART Learning suite is a software subscription that combines three awesome programs, SMART Amp , SMART Notebook, and SMART Lesson Activity Builder, and licenses it to you at an affordable price. Now educators can have access to the world’s best education software in one bundle.

What is SMART Amp?

SMART amp is cloud software that leverages Google Apps for Education to take student-led learning to a whole new level. One infinite amp workspace allows students and teachers-inside and outside of school- to share work across any laptop or tablet. Additionally, educators can access hundreds of free workspace templates on the SMART Exchange website.

What is SMART Notebook?
SMART Notebook is a way to “easily create engaging interactive learning experiences in minutes while providing the flexibility to respond to the needs of learners on the fly. Designed only for education, SMART Notebook carries 22 years of education expertise with it.”

What is the SMART Lesson Activity Builder ?
SMART Lesson Activity Builder is software that gives teachers the “means to quickly build game-based lesson activities that engage and amaze students.”