A solid professional development plan requires a thorough understanding of how interactive whiteboard technology
is adopted by teachers. As the leader in the interactive whiteboard market, SMART has been working with teachers
for over 20 years and has come to understand that when adopting our technology, the majority of teachers will
move through 4 distinct phases as shown below. At Schiller’s, we understand each phase of adoption and are here
to support your teachers and staff members as they walk through each phase.

In addition, educators can learn about the basic tools in SMART Notebook and the cool interactive lessons and activities.

Phase    How are they using the SMART Board?
Novice(Phase 1)    • Using and annotating over existing resources
• Saving notes to a personal folder
• Using basic features of NB to create and display notes (very little thought put into the integration of technology into the curriculum)
• Projection surface for movies & internet resources
• Downloading & modifying existing lessons
• Displaying existing resources
• Engaging students through Socratic lessons (little interactivity)
Intermediate(Phase 2)    • Creating simple lessons and interactive activities to support Socratic lessons
• Occasionally posting notes to personal website
• Using advanced features of NB (linking, recorder, player…) to engage students
• Making use of the gallery
• Shifting from teaching tool towards learning tool
• Encouraging students to participate
Advanced(Phase 3)    • Creative & delivering highly interactive lessons/activities in NB format on a regular basis
• Regularly posting notes and lessons to an online community
• Moving from teacher-centered towards student-centered (empowering students)
• Differentiating based on interest and learning styles
• Addressing multiple intelligences through the use of multiple sources
• Developing methods for alternative assessment
• Promoting higher order thinking skills
• Involving students in the creation of SB resources
Exemplary(Phase 4)    • Developing new and innovative content, strategies and templates that can be adapted for any subject
• Creating, maintaining and contributing to online professional learning communities
• Actively sharing resources
• Mentoring & training other users
• Speaking, advocating, and promoting the use of technology
• Self-sufficient

The speed and ease with which teachers move through each of these phases depends, in a large part, on the amount of professional development that they receive. Left to their own devices, a teacher might take years to acquire the necessary skill and understanding to achieve the Exemplary status. However, a well designed program of instruction can often reduce this period significantly. You can select from a wide array of Professional Development and training courses or if you don’t see what you are looking for, let us customize a tailor made plan just for you!

Let us help you take your staff from Novice to Exemplary by providing you with:
• Small group and one-on-one attention with a SMART certified trainer
• Hand-outs and Hands-on Activities
• Practical classroom applications from a teacher with over 20 years of experience
• Subject Specific Courses
• Teacher Support and Resources