Document Cameras

The new SMART Document Camera works with SMART’s education-specific mixed reality content. With the content fully integrated with SMART Notebook software, incorporating it into your lessons will be easy and seamless. As mixed reality content becomes more integral to teaching and learning, the SMART Document Camera is ready to support it.

Document Cameras
• offer an innovative way to foster deeper engagement and understanding
• provide students interaction with 3D, animated, and audio-enriched content, which gives children the ability to immerse themselves in rich 3D worlds 
by virtually connecting a physical object with 3D content in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software
• can connect to SMART Notebook collaborative learning software
• allows children to see a full 360° image by moving a mixed reality cube under the camera

A student using a mixed reality cube, for example, could pick up a 3D image of an insect and manipulate it by moving the cube under the document camera– and everyone would be able to see the interaction in real time on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. The content is vast, ranging from the Parthenon to the human skull!