Blog post 3 For the love of film

Film is not dead!

by Scott Garascia

My love of photography started in 1980. I received a Pentax K1000 from my parents on Christmas. Purchased here at Schiller’s Camera from an employee that still works here. It was the best Christmas present ever and I still use it to this day.

Working in the photographic industry started in 1985 when I went to work for my first professional photo lab. I worked in the “film processing department”. To think a section dedicated to just processing film!

Today things are very different yet are still the same in a small way. Some photographers, me included, still use film to produce their prized photos. Digital has yet to totally kill off film, same goes for the CD’s failed effort to kill off LP vinyl records.

Some great films have been lost forever, mainly Kodachrome, sorry Paul, you sung in vain. Yet other films have stood the test of time like good old black-n-white films Kodak Tri-x or Ilford HP5.

Even color print film and a few slide films are still being manufactured. Film cameras are very reasonably priced to get back into or start using film to capture an image.

Shooting film is a great way to learn the basics of photography but also a way to learn to slow down a bit and to think about your shot to manipulate your shot. Your camera and film are now paint and canvas.

I process all my black-n-white film traditionally with the use of a stainless steel tank and reels. Color print film I process here at Schiller’s. For slide film, myself I “cross process” in color film chemicals to produce an off color high contrast “artsy” image.

Film scanners like the one we use here in our lab, which is the best scanner ever made, are the main way to get your film scanned to CD or to print from the negative itself. Other means to print from a negative require a dark room. Black-n-white film is the main choice for the darkroom.

High res scans from film can produce a file that has more information, color range and tonal range than some of the best that digital cameras have to offer. Of course with black-n-white film, printing in the darkroom can produce far superior prints than any scan and ink jet print can produce.

Film is still here and in my mind will be here for many years to come. Here at Schiller’s we carry a variety of films to choose from as well as processing, scanning and printing. So dust off that old film camera in the closet or come see Schiller’s used camera selection.

Have any questions about film? Call the lab and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.
Film Lives! Long Live Film!