Schiller’s Pros

webpic Robb Muller, Sales Manager, CPC
23rd Year at Schiller’s
Robb has been selling cameras for almost 35 years. He started working part time at a camera store in high school. He enjoys photographing people, wildlife, landscapes and architecture. Well versed in most photographic and computer advances. Enjoys spending time with his family, camping, hiking, golf and photographing the great outdoors.
Jim Brooks, Store Manager, CPC
30th year at Schiller’s
Graduated SIU-Carbondale 1984 – Degree in Fine Art Photography. Enjoys all photography but especially street photography. Enjoys golfing, bowling, watching all St. Louis sports teams, reading sci-fi/fantasy, going to the movies and spending time with kids. Very interested in quantum physics and cosmology.
Frank Deame – Store Manager, CPC
6rd year at Schiller’s
Frank comes to Schiller’s with over thirty-five years of experience in the photo specialty business. Frank is knowledgeable in all aspects of photography. He is an avid Nikon user, but don’t let that fool you, he knows his way around all camera systems. When Frank is not at Schiller’s, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
Dawn Boyd
4st year at Schiller’s
Dawn has been in the photography industry for 12 years. She started in a studio with the CPI Corporation and fell in love with photography. She enjoys spending time with and taking portraits of her kids.
1 Rob Cornforth, CPC & Fuji Ambassador
28nd year at Schiller’s
Started shooting for newspaper & yearbook in high school. Graduated Texas Christian University / BFA in R/TV/F & Minor Photojournalism. Covers major sporting and news events for an international news service. Well versed in cameras, printers, audio and video. Enjoys umpiring baseball, sports and photography.
Cooper Ellis, CPC
11th year at Schiller’s
Knowledgeable about most formats of photographic equipment and studio lighting. Product photographer for 20 years. Enjoys spending time with family.
Stephanie Ellis, CPC
15th year at Schiller’s
I enjoy photographing the outdoors with vintage cameras. Early 1900’s cameras are one of my favorites to use. I also love to use my Hasselblad, Speed and Crown Graphic as well. The first camera I used was my grandfather’s Nikkormat. I still own and use this camera. When I’m not at work you will find me in my darkroom, spending time with my daughter and our dog.
Sven White, CPC
8th year at Schiller’s
Became interested in photography as a youth. Sven is a freelance photographer specializing in people, pets, live performance, sports, and fine art photography.
Ray Kersting, Client Services Manager, CPC
23rd Year at Schiller’s
I worked as a commercial photographer for 6 years prior to my time at Schiller’s. My favorite subjects to shoot are architecture, along with natural and urban landscapes. My core specialty is artificial lighting. I enjoy educating emerging photographers on the benefits of using off-camera lighting, and serving as our ambassador to the artistic community.
SarahWeb Paul McAllister
4th year at Schiller’s
Paul has been immersed in all aspects of the photo industry for most of his adult life and a little more.  From running a darkroom in his mother’s basement in sixth grade to forensic photography, his diverse experiences and knowledge combine to make him a great source of information on all things photographic.  Paul’s love of photography also shows through in his classes, enabling him to teach you anything you’d like to know about your camera.
Lona Moody
5th Year at Schiller’s
Sales and product buyerLona is a (nearly) life-long photo enthusiast. She has been in the camera retail business for the past three-ish years, since shortly after graduating from Truman State University with a minor in Photography (degree in Fine Art). Her true love lies in experimental and analog photographic processes, but she enjoys all types and aspects of photography—film and digital alike. She loves photographing family and friends (mostly animals…) even if it makes them crazy and making gigantic prints of photos that have no business being so huge.
Jeff Higgins, Photo Lab Production Manager
3rd Year at Schiller’s
Jeff has been working in the photo lab and imaging industry since 2000. A lifelong Canon user, his specialties are alternative style portraiture, sports and performance photography, incorporating
many flash and strobe techniques. He enjoys karaoke with his wife, watching/attending/playing hockey games, and playing guitar.
SarahWeb Scott Garascia
13th year at Schiller’s
The Authority on photo restorations and our Black and White developer. Born and raised in St. Louis where my love of photography started in 1980 with a Christmas gift of a Pentax K1000. I have worked in the professional photography field since 1985. Still a film shooter (and vinyl LP spinner), I enjoy using most of my film camera collection. I also collect radios, Matchbox cars, vintage photos or slides, and VHS tape movies. When not enjoying photography I like playing with my Ford Mustangs
Timothy Farmer
5th Year at Schiller’s
Timothy comes to Schillers after a 20-year career as a commercial photographer working with national and international clients on both coasts. Since returning to St. Louis to earn his MBA with a Masters certificate in E-commerce and Social Media Marketing, he has focused on spreading his love of traditional film and digital photography. Outside of work he enjoys teaching studio, Urban-X, landscape and astro photography. In his spare time he enjoys camping, hiking, biking, and going to art openings and concerts.
Tom O’Connell
27th Year at Schiller’s
Tom is our media transfer technician, he does the amazing job of converting 8 and 16mm films to DVD’s. After studying Photo Finishing Management at the Rochester Institute of Technology he started working in the industry in 1975. In 1987 he joined the US Navy and served on the USS Nassau and served in Desert Storm. While in the Navy Tom earned his Bachelors of Science in Education and Training. He joined Schillers in 1993. When not at work you can find Tom playing keyboards and singing in one of his two bands.