Studio Equipment

Avenger D600CB Mini Boom (Black)

AVENGER D600CB MINI BOOM (BLACK)                                                                                    

Product HighlightsBlack Chrome-plated Steel Construction83" Maximum Extension15.4 lb Maximum Support WeightRubber HandleCounterw ...
Bowens 21″ Beauty Dish Reflector (White)

BOWENS 21″ BEAUTY DISH REFLECTOR (WHITE)                                                        

This white Bowens 21" Beauty Dish Reflector has an effect somewhere between a softbox, umbrella and polished metal reflector tha ...
Bowens 45″ Umbrella (Silver/White) Removable Cover

BOWENS 45″ UMBRELLA (SILVER/WHITE) REMOVABLE COVER                                    

This dual-purpose Bowens 45" Umbrella (Silver/White) features a reflective white interior surface. It is backed by a removable b ...
Bowens Gemini 400RX 400W/s Monolight

BOWENS GEMINI 400RX 400W/S MONOLIGHT                                                                            

Bowens Gemini 400RX 400W/s Monolight 5-Stop Power VariabilityBuilt-in Pulsar Radio Slave250W Modeling Light1.5 Sec Recycle TimeD ...
Bowens Gemini 500R Monolight

BOWENS GEMINI 500R MONOLIGHT                                                                                            

Product Highlights 500Ws, AC or DC PowerOptional Travelpak Batteries5-Stop Power Variability250W Modeling LampSmartcell Pre-flas ...
Bowens Reflector Kit with 4 leaf Barn Doors and Snoot

BOWENS REFLECTOR KIT WITH 4 LEAF BARN DOORS AND SNOOT                                          

An innovative lighting control outfit composed of a reflector, snoot and four-leaf barn door, the Bowens Reflector Kit represent ...
Broncolor Senso Kit 22 (2 Head Kit)

BRONCOLOR SENSO KIT 22 (2 HEAD KIT)                                                                              

Broncolor Senso Kit 22MFR # B-31.053.07Product Highlights 1,200W/s Senso A2 PackLitos Flash Head (2)Flex 28 x 28" SoftboxSymme ...
Interfit Badger Unleashed 2-Light Backpack Kit

INTERFIT BADGER UNLEASHED 2-LIGHT BACKPACK KIT                                                        

Designed for the photographer in the field who requires wireless freedom from sync cords and AC outlets, the Badger Unleashed 2-Ligh ...
Interfit Badger Unleashed Battery-Powered Flash Head

INTERFIT BADGER UNLEASHED BATTERY-POWERED FLASH HEAD                                            

Galvanized by the popularity of the Honey Badger monolight, Interfit raises the bar on performance with the introduction of the ...
Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit

INTERFIT HONEY BADGER 320WS 2-LIGHT KIT                                                                      

Featuring a small form factor and lightweight, the Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit from Interfit contains everything the t ...
Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws Compact Flash Head

INTERFIT HONEY BADGER 320WS COMPACT FLASH HEAD                                                        

Name after a small ferocious animal with a deceptively wholesome name, the Honey Badger 320Ws Compact Flash Head from Interf ...
Interfit Li-Ion Battery for Badger Unleashed Flash Head


The 14.8V, 2900mAh, Interfit Li-Ion Battery for Badger Unleashed Flash Head is the removable, rechargeable power source for the ...
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