Top 10 Cameras 2018

2018 favorite cameras

The past year has flown by, so we decided to ask our Schiller’s experts about their favorite cameras they used to capture it. Read on to learn useful details and features on the best new products of 2018!

Tim Sony a7III

Tim a7III

1. Tim’s Pick: Sony a7iii

“As a photographer who shoots a wide variety of subjects, the Sony a7iii handles them all like a pro. From its outstanding low-light performance when shooting astrophotography, to its vertical AA filter that limits moiré when shooting fashion, this camera is a workhorse.”

2. Frank’s Pick: Nikon D3500

“I think that the Nikon D3500 is an amazing entry-level DSLR for many reasons. It has a small form that is really comfortable, a 24MP high-resolution sensor that allows me to get great images comparable to many of the more expensive cameras, it works well in low light, and it offers all the core features that can help any new aspiring photographer to learn and grow.”


Lona's top camera of the Year

Lona RX100 VI

3. Lona’s Pick: Sony RX100 VI

“In keeping with the previous RX100 models, Sony’s sixth iteration is nothing short of superb. They’ve packed every morsel of quality possible into a camera that will fit into your pocket— now with more zoom and a touch screen! Additional improvements across the board possibly make the RX100 VI the best compact camera to date, and definitely among the best cameras of 2018— period.”

Canon EOS R is John's pick

John EOS R

4. John’s Pick: Canon EOS R

“The new Canon EOS R has a great feel to it. The body and lens are very balanced and easy to use. The new programmable control ring on the lens makes it so easy to change ISO, shutter speed, and aperture without removing my eye from the view finder. Plus, the three new lens adapters allow the use of legacy lenses and two have drop-in filters for ND and CPL filters that maintain the weather seal.”

Dawn M50

Dawn M50

5. Dawn’s Pick: Canon M50

“I like the Canon M50 because it’s light and small. It also has a mic jack so it can be used to shoot great videos. The M50 is a great solution for a Canon shooter who wants something small, compact, and works with Canon gear— it is compatible with all flashes and lenses.”

Paul X-T3

Paul X-T3

6. Paul’s Pick: Fuji X-T3

“The Fuji X-T3 is, without a doubt, my favorite camera currently. With this design, Fuji slams the door on the argument that APS-C sensors can’t compete with full frame sensors. It looks and feels like a traditional film camera while offering amazingly advanced capabilities. As a bonus for us film lovers, Fuji’s film emulation modes provides rich, tonal ranges other camera manufacturers can’t quite achieve with their digital sensors. With 425 independent focus points and both face and eye detection, nailing perfect focus is a breeze. Combined with other pro-level features such as dual card slots, weather sealing, and a magnesium alloy body, it’s virtually impossible not to love the X-T3.”

Jim P1000

Jim P1000

7. Jim’s Pick: Nikon P1000

“The Nikon P1000 has amazing abilities to take handheld pictures even when shooting on maximum zoom— the equivalent of a 3000mm lens.”

Joe Z7

Joe Z7

8. Joe’s Pick: Nikon Z7

“The new Nikon Z7 appeals to me as a landscape photographer due to its incredible low-light performance. With amazing ISO capabilities and a brand-new massive lens mount flange, the Z7 will pave the road for future astrophotographers and set the bar for mirrorless cameras.”

Ray x-T100

Ray x-T100

9. Ray’s Pick: Fuji X-T100

“The Fuji X-T100 strikes the right balance of size, performance, ease of use, and good looks. I like the versatility of the 15-45 that’s included in the kit, and that I can switch it out with one of the Fuji wide-angle primes for an ultra-compact walk around camera.”

Sven SX10

Sven RX-10 IV

10. Sven’s Pick: Sony RX-10 IV

“The RX-10 IV is the most capable and powerful bridge camera on the market. You’d spend a lot more to get a comparable DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera system, and the RX-10 IV would still be much, much smaller and lighter.”

Stop by Schiller’s any time to learn more about the cameras on our list that might have piqued your interest— we’re always eager to talk about our favorite gear!