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Photoflex 26in RapiDome with Grid Kit


Product Highlights:

  • 25.5″ RapiDome (Octa) with Deflector
  • High Output Silver Interior
  • Soft Wrap-Around Quality of Light
  • 40-Degree Fabric Grid
  • Grid Tightens Beam, Maintains Softness
  • Speedlight Stand Adapter
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Made especially for use with shoe-mount speedlights, the RapiDome with Grid Kit from Photoflex contains everything you need to maximize the performance of your on-camera flash. The kit includes a 25.5″ RapiDome softbox, a 40-degree fabric grid, and a speedlight adapter with a stand mount.

Featuring fast setup and breakdown similar to an umbrella, the RapiDome is an octagonal-shaped softbox with a silver interior for maximum output and removable front and interior diffusion to offer contrast options. Also provided, is a deflector that bounces the forward-projected light into the back of the RapiDome to further soften the light and eliminate hot spots. The softbox comes with a height-adjustable, rotatable, tilting speedlight adapter with a 5/8″ receiver for light stands. A favorite of portrait and fashion shooters, the unique octagonal form factor has the wrap-around quality of light that is characteristic of this shape, with the bonus of creating natural-looking catchlights reflected in the eyes of a subject. An included 40-degree fabric grid that quickly attaches via touch fasteners is included to narrow the beam angle, while maintaining the RapiDome’s soft light and creating dramatic effects. If you’d like to see the full capabilities of your speedlight, the RapiDome with Grid Kit is your answer.

  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Durable aluminum framework
  • Heavy-duty reflective silver interior
  • Opens and closes quickly like an umbrella
  • Provides soft and evenly reflected light
  • Soft grid and diffusion panel with hook-and-loop edge
  • Height-adjustable and rotatable tilt bracket