Photoflex 52″ LiteDisc Circular Reflector, White Opaque/Silver

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Photoflex 52″ LiteDisc Circular Reflector, White Opaque/Silver


Product Highlights

  • Folds to 1/3 Open Size
  • Includes Storage Bag
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The Photoflex 52″  White Opaque/Silver LiteDisc collapsible reflector. Photoflex LiteDiscs and MultiDiscs are designed for use in the studio, or on location. They add light to shadow areas, add or subtract color casts, or diffuse harsh light.

LiteDiscs come in a variety of sizes: 12, 22, 32, 42, 52″ circular, and 41 x 74″ Oval.
MultiDiscs are available in 22, 32 and 42″ circular sizes. MultiDiscs start as a White Translucent disc, with a reversible slipcover that provides white, silver, gold and soft gold surfaces.

Pick the size that is right for the size of your subject. Pick the color combination that is right for the ambient light, or your creative direction.

Each LiteDisc has a sturdy spring-steel frame that is covered by a heavy duty white fabric. With a twist of both wrists (and a little practice), they collapse to 1/3 their open sizes. Each comes with a nylon storage bag.

Insure consistency and ease of placement by ordering a LiteDisc Holder. The holder, combined with a light stand, acts as a second pair of hands, locking the disc in the exact desired position. The holder also helps your assistant hold the disc flat and steady, especially in outdoor breezes.

Sturdy Construction
Guaranteed flat to create smooth, even reflections and give you control over your light source

  • Double laminated to prevent light from going through the surface, giving you more reflection on your subject
  • Double riveted for added strength to prevent breaking and maintain the firm shape of the Disc
Flat or Bent
  • Position the disc flat for an even fill
  • Bend the disc slightly for a more concentrated fill effect
Available LiteDisc Colors and Functions
  • White Opaque – Produces an even, neutral-colored bounce light that works beautifully as a fill light source for both product shots and indoor/outdoor portraits
  • Silver – Silver increases the specular highlights and yields a high-contrast, neutral to cool fill, depending on your main light source