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ProMaster 57B LED


Product Highlights

Bi-Color design
– Cold foot for quick attachment
– 1/4-20 metal, threaded mount
– Remote control is included

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The Ultrasoft 57B is a sophisticated light for professional results. It produces extremely soft, pleasing illumination. With it you can create flattering portraits and beautiful video. It is also a terrific tool for macro photography. The Bi-Color design lets you to change the color temperature of light from warm to cool in fine increments. Use it to match the color of other, surrounding light or create a special warm or cool glow in your photos and video footage. It has touch-sensitive controls for precise settings. A remote control is included for wireless operation. The Ultrasoft 57B is very small and thin to fit in your camera bag. It can draw power from a normal household receptacle or from the included, rechargeable battery. So use in the field is simple and easy. A common 1/4-20 metal, threaded mounting hole allows you to securely hold the light in a variety of places. It also includes a cold foot for quick attachment to a camera or bracket.

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