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YUNEEC Typhoon SkyView L (FPV) Headset


Product Highlights

  • Integrated 5″, 720p LCD Display
  • Works with Typhoon H and Tornado H920
  • HDMI Connectivity
  • Adjustable Headband
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The Typhoon SkyView L from Yuneec is an enclosed FPV (first-person view) headset that connects to the ST16 controller for the Typhoon H or the ST24S controller for the Tornado H920 aircraft. Putting you in the pilot’s seat, the goggles allow you to see an image from the aircraft’s camera in real time. They feature a built-in 5″ display with 1280 x 720 resolution panel, so you can take advantage of the full resolution of the ST24S’s or ST16’s video downlink. As the SkyView features an HDMI port, it can be connected to third-party devices as well – you can use them to play video games, watch movies, and more. Designed to be ergonomic and durable, SkyView features an adjustable headband and can accommodate users who wear glasses.

For use with the Typhoon H or Tornado H920, a controller with HDMI output (ST16 or ST24S) is required.