Benro A1573FS2 Series 1 AL Video Tripod & S2 Fluid Video Head

Schiller's » Benro A1573FS2 Series 1 AL Video Tripod & S2 Fluid Video Head

Benro A1573FS2 Series 1 AL Video Tripod & S2 Fluid Video Head

Benro A1573FS2 Series 1 AL Video Tripod & S2 Fluid Video Head


The perfect pairing of Video Heads, Legs and a Padded Travel Case, each Benro Video Tripod Kit is based on an eighth-generation design of single leg tubes and flip lever leg lock mechanisms.

Offering exceptional rigidity and torque-resistance, so critical to smooth camera movement, these kits are available in a variety of sizes, using Aluminum Alloy legs in combination with strategically select cast and machined aluminum and magnesium alloy components.

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Adjustable Leg Angles 
For an extra measure of flexibility, Benro tripod legs can be independently locked into place at three different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas, or at ground level.

Stainless Steel Spiked or Rubber Feet 
Comes equipped with a choice of screw-in rubber feet or stainless steel spiked feet.

Wingnut-style Column Lock 
A wing nut-style center column-locking knob allows for secure, intuitive-action height adjustments on the fly.

Center-Column Hook 
A hook, located on the bottom of the center-column, allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod’s center of gravity for increased stability.

Tilt Drag/Lock Lever – S2 
Set tension control and lock of full front to rear tilt axis.

QR Plate System with Safety Lock – S2 
Easy camera mounting and dismount for transport.

Interchangeable Pan Bar Handle – S2 
With angular adjustment for convenient user control.

Quick Lock Legs with Anti-Rotation Leg System 
Tripod height can easily be set by a flip of the quick lock leg levers, which combined with anti-rotation legs enable fast and fumble-free set-up.

Closed-Cell Foam Grip 
A thick layer of closed-cell nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) provides a comfortable yet firm grip when carrying your Benro tripod.

Integral Leveling Platform 
Provides fine leveling control on the vertical Center Column.

Pan Drag/Lock Lever – S2 
Adjusts tension and locks Head on 360 degree pan movement.

Built-in Bubble Level – S2 
Allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans.

Includes QR4 Quick Release Plate 
Removable Quick Release plate with sliding adjustment for better camera balance.

Heavy Duty Case and Strap 
Included for handy transport and protection of the tripod and head.


Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 27.4 in