SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display

The SP518-NB and SP524-NB are perfect for presenting to groups of any size. They enable you to control your computer and media resources from a single source. Powered by the same software as SMART Board interactive whiteboards, these products let presenters project their work onto a large screen for everyone to see. Anyone can write over presentations in digital ink, highlight concepts and take notes.
What to Know
• The SP518-NB is compact and sleek in design, with a 18″ screen and small footprint that make it highly versatile

• The SP524-NB has a large, high-resolution 24″ screen and is ideal for when you need extra screen space or to display highly detailed images

• Both models can be placed on a table, lectern or podium

• Two USB ports enable connection with additional peripherals such as document cameras, external memory devices, a mouse or any other USB device

• The battery-free tethered pen controls computer applications and writes in digital ink

• Buttons on the console enable users to change ink color or erase without launching software or extra toolbar