SMART Interactive Whiteboards

Get the edge with your clients and colleagues by investing in highly interactive meeting technology 
that is simple to use!

SMART Board Interactive whiteboards are the standard in the industry. SMART invented the SMART Board over 20 years ago. The new M series boards are more reliable, allow for multiple users, and are easily serviceable for value in your technology investment. SMART Boards provide the user with the most natural and intuitive interactive experience. Not only will users be able to work collaboratively, but the four digital cameras located in the corners of the whiteboard will allow the software to recognize touches, flicks, and sweeps to make the user experience highly interactive. Presenters will love this new technology that supports touch, stylus, pointer and other input devices.
It easily integrates with other meeting software and hardware to provide users with a seamless experience. In addition, its ability to recognize more than one user will make your meetings more productive and collaborative while saving valuable time allowing for a maximum return on investment.