Take Control of Your Photos!

Now that you’ve been taking photos for a while and have ten thousand images on your hard drive, how do you find that one photo of the blonde bartender in Bucharest? What’s the best way to save the sunset at San Diego? We’ll to show you the way to get organized, make good photos great & back up your valuable images. Don’t miss this class!

More great classes from the Saint Louis Photo Authority!
There’s no better way to learn about photography than with the great classes offered through Schiller’s by the Saint Louis Photo Authority.com! We’ve got a new schedule for the third quarter of 2013: basic, intermediate and advanced classes that everyone can benefit from! Be sure to look at our complete schedule!

About our teachers
Edward Crim is not only the founder of the Saint Louis Photo Authority and the organizer of the Saint Louis Photography Club (PhotoClubSTL.com), he is also the party responsible for ForestPark365.com and 50-Nifty.com, homage sites to America’s greatest urban park and each of our 57, um, I mean 50 states’ glorious Capitol buildings, respectively. Edward lives a quiet life in a ramshackle 19th century brick home with his first wife, fourth cat, second dog, and five of his seven or so children.

Brad North serves as store manager for Schiller’s Camera Company when he isn’t chasing the light in some remote corner of the planet. Experienced and knowlegeable in the area of landscape and nature photography, Brad is eager and enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others.