Home to over 90 state parks and countless historic sites, captivating wonders abound in our fine state. These beautiful landmarks provide the perfect opportunity to shoulder up your camera and hit the trails – chasing after the perfect shot. Read on to explore 10 ideal Missouri destinations for photography!

1.    Alley Springs

A true Missouri spring, this beautiful destination is home to tucked-away caves and an historic water mill.

2.    Echo Bluff

Surrounded by picturesque bluffs and breathtaking natural wonder, Echo Bluff provides photographers with the perfect setting.

3.    The Gateway Arch

The newly renovated arch grounds offer incredible geometric angles in a setting close to home.

4.    Elephant Rocks State Park

Find yourself among larger-than-life boulders and dramatic landscapes less than 2 hours from home.

5.    Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Travel back in time as you explore and capture the ruins of a bygone medieval-inspired estate.

6.    Hickory Canyons

Featuring box canyons, sandstone cliffs, and gorgeous waterfalls, Hickory Canyons is the perfect destination for a deep, textured aesthetic.

7.    Klepzig Mill

Located in Eminence, MO, this spot brings a historical focal point to natural Missouri beauty.

8.    Meramec Spring Park

The clear, calm Meramec River runs through these park grounds, inviting countless populations of Missouri wildlife to the area – perfect for photos!

9.    Missouri Botanical Garden

Within the city limits of St. Louis, capture thousands of plants and local wildlife along trails in your own backyard!

10.      Sandy Creek

Built in 1872, a picture-perfect covered bridge is nestled among local songbirds and wildflowers.

Grab your gear and take a day trip to capture the perfect shot! With these locations and the help of Schiller’s in your back pocket, you’ll be immortalizing gorgeous Missouri landscapes in no time.

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